HAPPY ENDINGS – Reunion Special Event on July 20 – Sony Pictures Television

The cast of Happy Endings is reuniting for a special event and live Q&A, benefiting Color of Change and World Central Kitchen!

Tune-in on our Sony Pictures Television YouTube channel on Monday, July 20 at 4pm PT!

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About Happy Endings: Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) and Dave (Zachary Knighton) have been together for ten years and are about to be married. But, in the middle of their perfect wedding, a helpless romantic rollerblades into the church and professes his love for Alex with a grand, overblown speech right out of the end of a bad romantic comedy. To Dave’s surprise, Alex runs out with the rollerblader leaving his life absolutely destroyed. Now Dave, Alex, and their mutual group of tight-knit old friends must figure out a way to stay together despite the fact that the rock-solid couple, that had always united them, has now shattered apart. This is the story of the other side of the happy ending.