JLA: Rock of Ages | DC Daily Book Club

It’s cosmic adventure on a grand scale as the Justice League faces off against Lex Luthor’s newly assembled Injustice Gang while the fate of the Earth itself hangs in the balance!

We are reading JLA: Rock of Ages! Tune in next week when we read Superman: Red Son!

DC UNIVERSE, DC’s ultimate digital subscription service, recently launched DC DAILY COMIC BOOK CLUB, an all-new digital series exploring top comic books collected on DC UNIVERSE’s ever-expanding digital library. Available outside of the DC UNIVERSE paywall, the all-new series is a one-stop shop for DC comic books fans and new readers.

Watch as “DC Daily” hosts deep dive into comics and storylines including BATMAN/TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, SUPERMAN: RED SON, WONDER WOMAN REBIRTH and more. All 10 episodes are available now on DC UNIVERSE and accessible without a paid subscription.


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