A Soldier’s Story (1984) – Holidays at Home Movie Marathon

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As WWII draws to a close, Captain Davenport (Howard E. Rollins, Jr.) is assigned to Fort Neal, Louisiana, an all-black army post, to investigate the brutal murder of Sergeant Waters (Adolph Caesar). As the investigation unfolds, it reveals a disturbing glimpse into the victim’s character, which proves to be as important an insight into the mystery as the identity of the killer. Through interviews with Waters’ men, Davenport learns that the victim was a malicious and confused man who dutifully served the white world while maintaining an attitude of unrelenting contempt for his own black roots. Was the murder a typical act of extreme white bigotry? Or could the killer have been a black soldier pushed beyond the limit by Waters’ racially motivated abuses? A Soldier’s Story transcends race to present a universal tale of the value of dignity over humiliation, of tolerance over prejudice.

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