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  • Daily Deals: The Cheapest Prebuilt Quick-Ship RTX 30 Series Gaming PCs You Can Buy on Amazon and Newegg

    Best Deals: Prebuilt Quick-Ship RTX 30 Series Gaming PCs on Amazon and Newegg, Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset, HBO Max, Dell Gaming Monitor, WD SN850 PS5 SSD Upgrade, and More

  • World War Z: Aftermath Review

    With the Aftermath expansion, World War Z is a much different game than when it debuted in 2019, and overwhelmingly for the better. With more episodes to rampage through, a greater selection of playable classes, and dozens of major quality-of-life improvements (like zombies no longer being able to pull you off ledges and devour you in the most unfair manner imaginable, for example), there’s a lot to love about it these days. Aftermath is the next major step for this sleeper hit and one that mostly succeeds at moving the zombie-filled shooter in the right direction. That said, with ongoing online issues, forgettable stories, and some gameplay growing pains, it still has plenty of room to grow.One of the more noteworthy things Aftermath adds is two excellent new campaigns that take you to reclaim Vatican City in Rome and to the utterly dismal wastes of Kamchatka, Russia. As with previous episodes, these episodes are challenging, heart-pounding nightmare scenarios that pit you and up to three co-op buddies against literally thousands of zombies while setting traps, managing resources like med kits and grenades, and trying desperately not to blow yourself up by firing a rocket launcher at point-blank range.What We Said About World War ZThe best way to experience World War Z is to fire up your microphone and find yourself a four-person crew to play through its brief but fun campaign. It’s rare to see it go beyond the roots of its very clear inspiration, and there’s not a whole lot of variety when it comes to the missions, the special zombies, or the weapons, but what is there works and is enough to fill the Left 4 Dead-shaped hole in all our hearts, for a little while at least. - Michael Koczwara, April 25, 2019Score: 7.4Read the full World War Z reviewRome is the more by-the-numbers of the two: it takes a well-known destination, gives it whatever the opposite of a facelift is, then lets you and your friends blast your way through it for a laugh. Aside from the new sights, sounds, and giant flaming pits filled with zombies, there isn’t much to distinguish Italy from other destinations. It’s still good ol’ fashioned face-smashing fun with a few highlights, like when you have to guide and refuel a van through the streets of Rome while under constant undead assault. Nothing really stuck with me very long after I beat it, though, except maybe those flaming pits filled with dead zombies; those might give me nightmares.The best-laid plans can become a comedy of errors in no time at all.The frozen tundra of Kamchatka, on the other hand, has some really memorable moments, like one area where a blizzard causes you to take damage just for being outside for short periods so you’ve gotta race between heaters while fighting off waves of brain-eaters. There’s also some great puzzle sections that require teamwork, like one where your crew has to use a flamethrower to melt doors that’ve been frozen shut while the others provide cover fire, or another where you have to fix an electrical grid by finding and pulling levers in the right order. Fairly straightforward tasks quickly become formidable undertakings with the constant threat of zombie hordes, and the best-laid plans can become a comedy of errors in no time at all. Compared to the fairly straightforward design of Rome, it was really nice seeing the developers have some over-the-top fun with Russia.Even when the new episodes are at their best, though, Aftermath still fails to improve in the way of storytelling, which is still as disappointing as it’s ever been. Precisely zero characters are fleshed out or interesting in any way, and their dialogue is campy and mostly serves as background noise while you run around shooting things. In fact, I feel like 90% of the time I heard a character speak, they were politely reminding me not to accidentally shoot them in the head. Cause, y’know, friendly fire is a pretty common mishap when you’re fighting thousands of zombies in claustrophobic areas and the characters will never not comment on it. I’m all for some mindless fun and World War Z has that in spades, but telling actual stories in the style of Left 4 Dead would make the world feel more worth saving.First-person mode breathes new life into every aspect of World War Z.My personal favorite addition in Aftermath, though, is the addition of an optional first-person mode, which breathes new life into every aspect of World War Z. Getting up close and personal with the flesh parades you square off against adds a whole new level of panic from behind the eyes of your character. As an FPS fan, I felt right at home taking on the horrors of the apocalypse this way, and it gave me another reason to go back and replay World War Z’s older episodes.The caveat here is that, for whatever reason, aiming down the sights of your weapons has been curiously left out of first-person mode. Lots of guns have scopes, but instead of looking down them, you look down the side of the weapon, which feels very odd, clunky, and downright unsatisfying. It’s especially weird since ADS already existed in World War Z on some weapons, like the sniper rifle, so it’s not like looking down scopes just isn’t something you ever did in third-person. For all the added immersion the first-person perspective gave me, I was pulled right out of it again when I found myself looking past my scope during combat. I seriously cannot overstate how weird that felt, no matter how long I played; I probably muttered something like “So we’re just not gonna use that scope, huh?” a dozen or so times per play session.Aftermath also adds some welcome changes to the sandbox in the form of an eighth character class called the Vanguard and some new melee weapon options, both of which succeed at evolving the close-ranged combat. As the name implies, the Vanguard is all about getting up in the enemies’ faces and comes equipped with an electric shield that you can use to charge through dozens of zombies or block pathways by turning yourself into a human barricade. It takes a bit of skill to get the hang of, as I learned from my many ill-advised dives into piles of zombies, but mastering it is a lot of fun and can be invaluable in keeping your team alive. Whereas other character classes quickly become Zeke lunch at close range, the Vanguard is much more viable, even if the high risk/high reward involved might not be for everyone.Previously, melee combat was only used by those with a nagging death wish.The new melee options, though, are just a good time all around. Now featuring dual-wielded weapons like the sickles and heavy weapons like the sledgehammer, the melee system has been completely revamped with a perk system that helps you flesh out your playstyle. Using the sickles for example, allows you to attack faster and less lethally than other melee weapons, but has a perk that heals your character when you get killing sprees; the fire axe, meanwhile, is slower and more lethal and carries a perk that makes you more effective when fighting Zekes that are on fire. The improved melee system adds some much-needed variety to gameplay and also slightly improves the viability of close-range combat in general, which previously was only used by those with a nagging death wish. That said, you still won’t be able to tackle the undead masses with melee alone unless you’ve really optimized your Vanguard class around it, but it does help to get you out of the occasional bit of unplanned face-to-face time with a zombie or two, which is a godsend.While most of Aftermath’s contributions to World War Z are welcome, one in particular just left me scratching my head: rats. That’s right: big, black rats with tails and everything. Y’know, those creepy things from A Plague Tale: Innocence and also my apartment in college. I really don’t know why the developers thought these were important to add, but now roaming packs of ravenous rats will sometimes spawn in a level and just start eating your face right off. Since they’re a horde of tiny enemies that can’t easily be killed with bullets, the only real defense against them are explosives or flamethrowers, which aren’t always readily available. Sometimes a perfectly good run of a level will unexpectedly be interrupted by a swarm of rats that start eating your teammate, which wastes your valuable healing kits and ammo, or – even more embarrassingly – straight-up killing your whole team. To be fair, the randomness of the rat swarms can be pretty entertaining and are definitely not without their novelty, but honestly, I would rather if they weren’t there at all.Far more disappointing than a herd of hairy rodents though, is that the online experience in World War Z is still extremely rocky in Aftermath. I was lucky to have a group of friends to play with most times, and although loading into levels and keeping a stable connection can be rough on occasion, it’s still a mostly serviceable experience when you bring your own team. But if you’re hoping to matchmake with others, things go from workable to painfully broken. You should expect extremely long wait times to get matched up with others or sometimes just waiting in the lobby infinitely. Your best bet is to just begin a public game and wait for others to join partway through – a method that isn’t only not as fun as doing the whole level with a full team, but also isn’t a guarantee and you might end up going through the entire thing with AI-controlled bots that can’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag. The alternative to this painful online experience is to play completely solo with AI to leave nothing up to chance, but this is an equally bad time, so you’re left to choose between the lesser of two evils. So bring your own friends, or be prepared for a headache.

  • Aquaman 2: Next DC Film Casts New Villains

    Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has added three new cast members to its expansive ensemble, offering more hints to the scope of the DC sequel.

  • The Tragedy of Macbeth Review

    Joel Coen turns back the clock and brilliantly pays homage to Shakespeare films of the past in The Tragedy of Macbeth.

  • Spider-Man Fan Recreates Classic Movie Posters Using Only Images From Insomniac's Games

    A graphic designer has recreated Spider-Man movie posters strictly using assets from the Insomniac video game.

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  • World War Z: Aftermath Video Review

    World War Z: Aftermath reviewed by Travis Northup on PC and Xbox Series X. Also available on Xbox One and PlayStation. Aftermath evolves World War Z in some major ways that brought a smile to my face. Kamchatka is a stellar new episode and the improved melee options and first-person mode are great quality-of-life improvements, but there are still issues with online play, barely any attempt at storytelling, and bizarre design choices (such as a lack of aiming down sights in first-person mode) that are huge disappointments. Even so, blasting my way through countless zombies still has lasting charm, and Aftermath makes World War Z better than it has ever been.

  • The Internet (and Chris Pratt) React to Chris Pratt as Mario - IGN The Fix: Entertainment

    In today's Entertainment Fix, Chris Pratt is voicing Mario in the new Super Mario Bros. animated film and the internet has a lot of opinions about it. Even Chris Pratt himself has weighed in. Soon after it was announced that Pratt had been cast as Mario, it became apparent that the red-clad, mustachioed plumber had his work cut out for him as the internet became flooded with reactions, memes, and jokes over the seemingly controversial casting choice. Some supported the decision whilst others sighed a subdued "mamma mia" in response to the news. The BBC has announced that Russell T Davies will return as showrunner for Doctor Who, starting with the show's 60th anniversary. Revealed on the Doctor Who website, Russell T Davies will replace exiting showrunner Chris Chibnall, who leaves the show along with current Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, next year. Davies will make his return with the 60th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who in 2023, "and series beyond" according to the BBC. The Cowboy Bebop Netflix series has released its first poster, which comes with the first look at Spike's Swordfish. The poster was published on the verified Netflix Twitter account on Friday. The poster shows the backs of characters Spike, Jet, and Faye with the Swordfish flying in the distance. Netflix will host TUDUM, which is a three-hour event hosted on Netflix's social media channels. The streamer promises to show off new looks at its upcoming movies and shows including The Witcher, Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy, and more. All of this entertainment news in this episode of IGN The Fix: Entertainment!

  • Death Stranding: Director's Cut PS5 vs PS4 Performance Review

    Death stranding PS5 upgrade arrives with the Death Stranding Director's Cut which you can buy on PS5 or upgrade from PS4. Here we take a walk in Kojima's shoes with his upgraded PS5 version that offers 4K, 60fps, 21:9 ratio and much more. How much better is the upgrade over PS4 & Pro? Is Norman Reedus happy now? Has the postage gone up? Some of these are answered inside.

  • Everything Announced In the Latest Nintendo Direct - IGN Daily Fix

    Happy Friday! On today's IGN The Fix: Games, Nintendo is set to expand its Switch Online with a new membership, offering classic Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 games as part of the subscription with the new plan. Revealed as part of September's Nintendo Direct, the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Plan will arrive in late October. Subscribers can continue with their existing plan or add the expansion to their plan. The expansion includes all the features of the base plan, along with the new additions. Bayonetta 3 has finally gotten a gameplay reveal and release date. Nearly four years after its original announcement, we finally got to see Bayonetta's new moves, new enemies, and her new hairstyle. We were treated to Bayonetta going head-to-head with a massive kaiju monster. The trailer also provided glimpses of new areas and monsters, including a subway train and a monstrous spider. The announcements didn't stop there though, as we got looks at a new expansion for Monster Hunter Rise, a Chocobo Racing game, and the rumored Castlevania Advance Collection. Today's episode is brought to you by Movies Anywhere. Seth has all that in your Daily Fix!

  • BioShock 3D Gameplay

    Gameplay of the opening introduction to Rapture in the mobile game BioShock 3D.

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